Specials for June 24, 2022


Carmella’s Chicken Soup Cup 4/Bowl 6

Fried Oysters 14

Steamed Mussels 15

Crab Cake 16



~Filetto Diane~

Grilled 8 oz filet mignon served with roasted carrots and broccoli, topped with creamy Dijon mushroom sauce. 


~Creamy Marsala Pork Ribeye~

Grilled prime pork ribeye served over linguine and finished with mushrooms and spinach in a creamy marsala sauce.


~Rustic Grilled Swordfish~

Grilled swordfish served over parsnip puree and braised corn puree, and finished with balsamic marinated cherry tomatoes, green onions, and feta crumbles. 


~Tomato and Pesto Salmon Risotto~

Grilled Atlantic salmon finished in the oven with sliced tomatoes and breadcrumbs, and served over creamy pesto risotto.


~Pork Shoulder Ragu~

House brined and braised pork shoulder tossed with fettuccine in a puree of braised onions, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, and bell peppers. Finished with fresh basil and pecorino romano.


~Eggplant and Feta Fettuccine~

Pan seared eggplant tossed with roasted red peppers, spinach, onions, garlic, feta and fettuccine pasta.


 ~Bar Specials~

Martin Ray Rosé 9 Glass // 34 Bottle

Scaia Rosé 10 Glass // 38 Bottle


Key Lime Cheesecake 8