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Specials for June 18th:


All entrees are served with homemade bread. Add a side salad for 4.


Carmella’s Famous Chicken Soup Cup 4/Bowl 6



~ Filetto Marsala~

Grilled 8 oz filet mignon finished with mushrooms sauteed in marsala wine served over linguine.



~ Salmon and Linguine~

Grilled Atlantic salmon finished in the oven with a balsamic ricotta, served over mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, green onions, and linguine.



~Lemon & Artichoke Swordfish~

Grilled swordfish served over tomato and basil risotto, finished with our house made roasted artichoke and lemon aioli.



~Red Pepper Veal Meatloaf~

House ground group raised veal meatloaf with roasted red pepper pesto and served over mashed potatoes.



~Seared Eggplant Caprese~

Pan seared eggplant tossed with fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and penne, finished with a balsamic reduction.



~Bar Specials~

Pine Ridge Sparkling Chein Blanc + Viognier 10 glass / 38 bottle

Nevio Montepulciano 40 Bottle

Martin Ray Rose 9 glass /34 bottle

Columbia Craft Carolina Blonde 6


~$5 Beer Specials~  

Sierra Nevada / Corona / Moretti / Budweiser